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12 Ways Your Windows Can Boost Your Interior Design

Windows play a major role in the interior design of any space. The view they provide, the light they bring in and the overall aesthetic they create contributes to what makes a property more desirable. This article will take a look at windows, their features and how they can add to the atmosphere of the room.

Natural Light

Natural light is an asset to any home. It helps improve mood making it an important component of healthy living. And, with the world becoming more environmentally friendly place, it can also cut down on energy use.

When thinking of windows that provide natural light, here are some choices that are recommended.

  • Bay and Bow Windows: These windows are made of several windows connected in an angular fashion allowing them to bring sunlight into the room from different angles.
  • Picture Windows: Picture windows are made up of large rectangular panes of glass providing an unobstructed view and a great source of light.
  • Casement Windows: Another type of window that provides large panes for great views and lighting, these windows are also known for their excellent ventilation and superior ease of use.

Windows That Complement the Room

If you are working with an architect to design your home, you have a choice as to what type of windows will be installed. If you have large rooms with high ceilings, clearstory windows are a good choice as they are located above eye level to let light and fresh air in. Multistory windows are another good option as these are often used in atriums and multistory foyers.

If you have smaller rooms, opt for windows with a lower sill height.

Getting the Perfect Views

Another benefit of designing your own house is having the option of capturing the best views. If you are building near scenic views, think ahead to position windows in a location that will provide a visual of the scenery.

Consider Skylights

Installing a skylight is another great way to let natural light into your room. They also save space that is taken up when installing windows on your interior walls.

There are various design features to consider when installing a skylight. They come in fixed and operable varieties and window treatments can be used for light control and added energy efficiency. There are also different materials and light shafts that can affect the durability of the window as well as how light comes into the room.

Consider Opacities

In most rooms, you will want the pure light that is provided by transparent glass. However, in rooms like bathrooms, you will want light to come in, but you will also want to ensure privacy. In these cases, translucent glass is a great option as it allows light to enter but obscures the view.

Translucent windows are available in a variety of styles and designs. Shop around the find one that works for your home.

Are Clerestory Windows Right for You?

Clerestory windows are located close to the roof line, so they let in plenty of light and fresh air without taking up valuable wall space. This makes them perfect for anyone who likes to display art throughout their home. They can also provide the appearance of a roofline that floats above the structure, a feature that is aesthetically pleasing to some.

Think of the Orientation of Your Property

If you are working on the design of your home from the ground up, consider sunlight and climactic changes. If you are an early riser, you will want to position your windows so sunlight comes in early in the day. Late risers, on the other hand, will want to keep sunlight out during the morning hours.

Play with the Shapes and Sizes of Your Windows

There are many ways you can play with the shapes and sizes of your windows to create visual interest. Fixed windows, for example, can provide a picturesque effect, especially when combined with operable windows. They are also low maintenance, low in cost, and do a great job of providing your rooms with natural light.

Fixed windows come in a variety of shapes including round, circle, oval and even octagon and trapezoid. Imagine the effect they will give when placed on top or next to the operable windows in your home.

Other options for playing with window shapes include the installation of transom windows which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Narrow windows can add an unusual aesthetic and let light into small spaces and keyhole windows can be installed between rooms to increase interest.

Glazing Options

Many types of glazing can be used on windows to improve the thermal insulation, sound insulation and effect the way light comes into the house. Solar glazing is recommended for its ability to regulate temperature inside a building and reduce glare. It is also a great way to protect your paint and furniture from fading due to exposure to light.

Playing with Color

If you want to add color to your interiors and exteriors, your window trim is a great way to do so. You can paint wood windows in the color of your choice or can buy vinyl windows that come in a variety of colors and don’t require any painting. Some vinyl windows even provide different colors on each side so you can get one color for your interior and another for your exterior.

While some homeowners will want to paint their window frames the same color as the interior or exterior of their homes, others can choose different colors to make their décor pop.

Choose Windows to Match Your Room’s Style

To make the most of your interior design, you will want to choose windows that match your rooms’ style. Double hung, multi-light windows, for example, are best for traditional décor. The grille design you choose can make the style lean in a more classic or contemporary direction.

If you are looking for a more contemporary style for your window, casement windows will provide the clean look you are after. The grilles used can provide a softer, more transitional look while solid panes are great for modern styles.

It All Starts with the Installation

No matter what type of window you choose, the right installation will be the first step to providing stylish windows that withstand the test of time.

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Windows are such an important part of your interior design. Plan carefully to make sure your windows are doing all they can to make your rooms look terrific and follow up with quality installation you can trust. We can’t wait to see how your windows transform your property. Contact us for a free estimation.