Factory Direct Montreal provides professional windows and doors installation services

Our services are provided by certified installers who have decades of experience installing, replacing and taking measurements for Windows and Doors in the greater Island of Montreal. We make sure the installation is clean, done relatively quickly and at your convenience. Our installers have RBQ licenses and make is a priority to be friendly and respectful of your home.

Innovation in our windows and doors products

Factory Direct Montreal continually succeeds at improving the elements that make a high-grade window, while removing the constant maintenance that causes frustration. We all want our windows to accent our homes, but at the same time be resilient enough to withstand weathering and time. Factory Direct Montreal believes that your windows should be an investment in your home.

Factory Direct Montreal only uses world-class production equipment to fabricate truly advanced vinyl windows. Our true innovation at Factory Direct Montreal is the fact that we make sure all phases of the window ordering process; initial consultation, ordering, production, and even installation by our dealers, is done with communication and proper customer service throughout the entire process.

Experience installing all kinds of windows and doors

In the fenestration industry “Experience is everything”. It is extremely important in an industry based on fractions of an inch that quality control is kept to the utmost maximum. Factory Direct Montreal and all of its dealers maintain a strict code of ethics above and beyond what our competition offers. Our experience has been that faster delivery combined with faster service equals satisfied customers.

Service to maintain and improve our clients experience

Residential windows, unlike commercial units, are completely serviceable, low maintenance and quick to repair. At Factory Direct Montreal we believe service, combined with constant innovation, and decades of experience will allow you to always trust us to answer all of your questions, book a service, or make you quality windows.

Services from Factory Direct Windows and Doors Montreal:

  • Windows Installation
  • Windows Replacement
  • Door Installation
  • Door Replacement
  • Patio Door Installation
  • Garage Door Replacement
  • Quick Estimations