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What is the Window Installation Process Like and How Do I Get My Home Ready?

Getting new windows for your home is quite an undertaking. Not only is it a major investment, it is a timely project that can leave your home in a state of flux until it is completed. However, it is also a necessary move that can improve your living situation and increase the value of your home.

Knowledge is power and knowing what to expect from the installation process can help make things run smoothly. Read on to find out more about the window installation process and what you can do to get your home ready.

When is the Best Time for a Window Installation?

Most people choose to have their windows replaced during the warmer months. They know a replacement will leave their home open to the elements, so they opt for a time when cold won’t be a factor.

However, it is important to remember that, because more people get their windows replaced during the spring and summer, its easier to schedule a replacement for the winter. And, if you are working with a good contractor, they will work quickly to make sure your home does not get too cold in the winter, or too warm in the summer.

Also, keep in mind that precipitation like snow and rain can slow down the window installation process. If there are times of the year when it is especially rainy or snowy in the region where you live, it is best to avoid scheduling your replacement during that time.

Getting Your Home Prepared

When a contractor arrives at your home for your window replacement, you want to make sure things will move along as quickly as possible. Therefore, you should take steps to prepare your home. Here are some things you can do to make sure your contractor will be good to go when they arrive.

Take Down Window Treatments: If your contractor needs to take down curtains and blinds, this will take extra time and it could add to your expenses. If possible, remove all window treatments before the contractor arrives.

Remove Security Sensors: Be sure to remove security sensors so your alarm does not go off while your contractors are working.

Clear a Path: Make sure to move any heavy furniture away from the window area so your contractor has plenty of room to work. It’s also a good idea to provide a clear path between the window and the doorway as the contractor may have to go inside and outside frequently.

Put Drop Cloths Down: Window installation is a dirty job. It’s likely your contractor will show up with drop cloths but putting down your own will save time and it will also ensure that all your furniture and fixtures are well covered.

Make Sure Your Space is Accessible: If you are not planning to be home when your contractor arrives, or if you plan to be in and out during the installation process, make sure your contractor has access to your home.

The Installation Process

Once you have found the right contractor, the installation process can begin. Here is what you can expect.

Measuring the Window: Before starting the installation, the contractor will typically schedule a separate appointment for the measurement. It’s important for measurements to be accurate as this will ensure a long lasting, weather tight seal.

The width of the rough opening should be measured at the top, middle and bottoms and the height should be measured at the middle and both sides. The outside dimensions should be at least ¾ of an inch thinner and a ½ inch shorter than the smallest width and height measurements.

Window Removal: Once measurements have been taken, the installation will be scheduled. The first step will be the window removal. It is typical for one worker to remove the window while another worker brings the new windows in from the truck.

During the removal process, the contractor should take care not to cut too far into the original weather barrier of the house. Taking this measure will ensure the new window will be easily integrated into the old weather barrier.

The contractor will also need to remove all traces of old sealants allowing the new sealants to adhere properly.

Weatherproofing: Also called flashing, this is arguably the most important step of the replacement process and one that is most likely to be done incorrectly.

The weatherproofing should be installed in weatherboard fashion, meaning it should be put on from the bottom up. That way, when water hits it, it will run off the lower portion of the flashing. Overlapping flashing pieces from the bottom up will direct that water off the window instead of behind it.

Installation: The final step in window replacement is the actual installation. During this time, installers should be careful to fold out the window’s nailing find before lifting the window to the opening.

Then they should set the window’s sill to the bottom part of the opening. Next, they will push the frame in until all nailing fins are flush against the wall.

Once the window is in place, the installer should use a level to make sure it’s properly aligned.

Then, the contractor will use nails or screws to secure the opening and apply more flashing to the exterior of the window. Finally, he or she will use sealant to make sure the window keeps air out.

How Long Will My Window Installation Take?

There are several factors that can affect how long a window installation will take, including the size of the window, the experience level of the contractor, the materials that window is made of and more. But on average, you can expect each window to take a half an hour. Most installers can install 10-15 windows a day.

From start to finish, the average window job takes approximately six weeks from the date the contract is signed including 1-3 days of installation.

Finding the Right Contractor for Your Window Installation

The contractor you use will play a major role in how smoothly your window installation will go. The right contractor will provide you with high quality products and services and work efficiently to cause minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

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